At Jo Bros, quality and consistency come first. We order high quality produce daily from small local businesses, including buns baked fresh every morning and beef farmed right here in NZ, at the base of Mt Ruapehu. 

Next, we use our professional restaurant experience to turn quality ingredients into punchy flavours and burger perfection. We think you’ll agree – our burgers are worth the effort. 

Awhi Ruapehu Angus

Raised with wholehearted care.

By working with nature to give their cattle a gentle, unhurried, stress-free life, they’re able to produce premium cuts of consistently exceptional eating quality.


We care about our planet and the people we share it with. To ensure Jo Bro’s is as sustainable as possible we:


  • Use Ecoware Packaging (100% compostable).
  • Have a strict waste management process to divert food waste from landfill.
  • Only source beef from farms accredited for animal welfare and sustainability efforts.
  • Source consciously produced uniforms & shoes for staff. 
  • Recycle our cooking oil, which is used to make biodiesel. 


Over a third of food produced globally ends up in the landfill every year, and growing food produces 1/3rd of the world’s carbon emissions. We want to do our bit to change that and make sure Jo Bros treads as lightly as possible on the planet.


The hospitality business has a bad rep for long hours, low pay, poor work/life balance and bullying. We’re changing the mould with Jo Bro’s as a business and starting a conversation about mental health in New Zealand. 


For a start, we’re making sure Jo Bros is a healthy, enjoyable place to work. We’re paying a living wage, actively up-skilling our staff and supporting – not worsening – their mental health. We support the All Good Club, a not-for-profit working to improve every Kiwi’s mental health.

It Just Tastes better.

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