Josh Barlow and Brody Jenkins met working in the kitchen of one of New Zealand’s top fine dining restaurants: The Grove, in Saint Patricks Square, Auckland City.

Josh had recently returned after spending seven years in London where he worked in the kitchens of a handful of Michelin-star restaurants. Brody had spent eight years in the kitchens at SKYCITY, as well as helping to launch Andy’s Burgers & Bar from concept to completion.

After a trip to the states, where Brody visited over 35 burger chains and restaurants in LA, Vegas & Arizona (Possibly making a quick stop to a 3 day music festival in Vegas). He came up with a batshit crazy idea: launching his own burger food truck.

A year or so later, over a frosty pint at the Shakespeare, just down the road from The Grove, he mentioned the idea to fellow burger-enthusiast Josh Barlow, who replied: LET’S FUCKING DO IT!

Since then, Josh & Brody have made the Jo Bro’s idea into reality, serving thousands of burgers all over Auckland and opening a restaurant. Not so crazy after all!

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